△ Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is a meditation technique that has become widely known as an appealing acronym MBSR. In scholarly writing the full phrase is presented first and the acronym is presented second. However, in the case of MBSR the meaning of the letters has become so well known that the acronym itself confidently represents a full array of positive associations and outcomes. MBSR has been the exclusive topic of evidence-based research studies pertaining to meditation which have been known to show positive outcomes regarding the reduction of stress through the techniques used in MBSR.  Also, MBSR is not a religion nor does it prescribe to any specific religious dogma. Ultimately, and in short, MBSR intertwines both traditional eastern and western philosophies and approaches toward a broader overview of meditation.  

What are Some of the Benefits of Practicing MBSR?

Heighten the ability to sensitize the mind to become more mindful · Become more aware of thoughts that arise and know what to do with them · Become more aware of the feelings that arise within the body and know what to do with them · Reduce the tendency to cling to thoughts and feelings · Learn how to identify thoughts and feelings, experience them, and let them go · Shift perspectives from outside the self to moving inward with acceptance · Learn to accept the self.  

How Do I Learn MBSR?

The MBSR Program is a loving eight-week Program taught and received either Online or In-person. The exclusive Online MBSR Program is accessed from the location of your choice, anywhere around the world that has access to the internet. The special In-Person MBSR Program is taught at various locations.  

△ ULTIMATE Stress Reduction System

ULTIMATE Stress Reduction System

Yes! Now you can learn how to meditate online! I am super proud to put together a very comprehensive ONLINE ULTIMATE Stress Reduction System just for you and other inspiring mediators. 

FREE Online Orientation Webinar

To learn about the online ULTIMATE Stress Reduction System affiliated with Sivapriya108™️ please attend one of the FREE online orientation webinars where you will learn everything you need to know.


Online Orientation Webinar

The online orientation will last approximately one-hour and 30 minutes. It will offer you all of the relevant information pertaining to the online program.  

Questions and Answers

At the end of the online orientation webinar will be a Question & Answer session where you will receive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When is the FREE Online MBSR Orientaion Webinar?

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