△ Meditation


What is Meditation?

“The word meditation is used in so many different ways that I want to be clear before going any further. Meditation here is not reflection or any other kind of discursive thinking. It is pure concentration: training the mind to dwell on an interior focus without wandering, until it becomes absorbed in the object of its contemplation. But absorption does not mean unconsciousness. The outside world may be forgotten, but mediation is a state of intense inner wakefulness.Eknath Easwaran   

Benefits of Meditation May Include

Physical Benefits of Meditation  · Lower high blood pressure · Lower the levels of blood lactate, which over time reduces anxiety attacks · Increases serotonin production that over time improves mood and behavior · Improves the immune system · Increases general energy level as you gain an inner source of energy Mental Benefits of Meditation  · Emotional stability improves · Creativity increases · Intuition develops · Gain clarity and peace of mind · Meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation Other Benefits of Meditation  · Emotional steadiness and harmony · Consciousness evolves · Personal Transformation  


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△Vipassana Meditation


△ What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana Meditation is an ancient technique that originated in the East. Over recent years Vipassana meditation has transitioned to the West and become known as Mindfulness. One specific form of mindfulness is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). 

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△Vedanta Meditation


△Vedanta Meditation

Vedanta Meditation is a technique of one pointed focus. In Vedanta Meditation the mind is taught to come back over and over again to a single place of reference where all other thoughts are let go and forgotten. Here, with practice the mind learns to become attentive on a single object while developing nonattachment for extraneous elements that surround it.      

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△ Meditation Private 1:1 Coaching


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Meditation: Private 1:1 coaching $75 for 1/2 hour 

△Guided Imagery (Yoga Nidra)


△What is Guided Imagery (Yoga Nidra)?

This system is a method of inducing physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Here, we do not sleep but are rather guided by a verbal illustration to help take you to a deeper state of conscious relaxation. The use of words and images are used to move your attention away from worry, stress and pain, and help you find your own inner strength and creativity to support healing. It can have a positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen rates, brain waves, temperature and hormone balance.   

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Sivapriya is certified to provide Guided Imagery and Aromatherapy. In this session you will find a comfortable place to rest. This service may be incorporated into yoga and other energy modalities free of charge.   

△ Aromatherapy


△ What is Aromatherapy?

Uses essential oils to maintain and restore health. The essential oils are taken from specific plants known for their abilities to provide health benefits. With your permission, we may use essential oils to enhance your experience. For example, we may introduce lavender to reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia and pain. Other oils may also be considered except when contraindicated however, can enhance treatment when used in combination with Guided Imagery and other modalities.   

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May be incorporated into yoga and other energy modalities free of charge.